Welcome to my blog!

As you may have guessed from reading the title, I am a Medical Student. I also suffer from severe depression which includes psychotic symptoms.

Mental Health has a huge stigma attached to it. To open up and ask for help seems to come with a huge expense, to the point that people even consider not opening up as a better alternative. It doesn’t matter if you are a Medical Student or Doctor or not – the stigma seems to be everywhere. For Medical Students and Doctors in particular, fitness to practise always comes in as an issue. The General Medical Council has made it clear that just because a doctor has mental illness, they will not be asked to leave Medicine. Horror stories, however, make it hard for many people to take it seriously. Sadly, it is these horror stories that seem to be more prevalent than the positive stories.

My aim is to show everyone on here – Medical Student or not – the importance in opening up, and how it has had a very positive impact on me. Originally when I made this, I had the plan of just making blog posts of my experiences. Many people will look for help too, however, so I have now decided to add some pages that also aim to give information to people who may need help. As a disclaimer – I am not a qualified doctor yet, so all the advice given here is my own and is in no way medical advice that can be used as a substitute to go and speak to your doctor. I know it may seem hard but if you are struggling, please go and have a word with your GP.

My blog posts will focus on a range of issues – from Mental Health problems, to how I coped, to my stories and rants. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Medical Student or not. Anyone is welcome to read the contents of this site, whether it’s to get advice or to just have a look and see the difficulties Mental Illness gives me as a Medical Student.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, have a look at my latest blog posts by clicking the menu above (if you’re on a tablet/phone, you’ll need to press the Home button above). How about my first blog post, Who Am I?¬†Or, if you don’t want to click the menu above, my latest blog posts can also be found by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy, and that this is helpful!