Review my Personal Statement!

Thank you for all of the submissions. This service is now closed as the deadline for applications has passed. It will reopen for the next application cycle (in Summer 2018). Good luck with your applications!

I will be trialling Personal Statement reviews for Medical School applications. I will do the reviews myself and for free of charge. This does mean, however, that it will be done on a first-come first-served basis. I also cannot give a time frame for how long it will take, although I estimate it to take 3-5 days.


Submit your Personal Statement

Please see the rules below before you submit your personal statement.


It is all currently free of charge. There are no hidden costs, no surveys you have to complete, nothing. I will send you feedback on the email address you provided, so make sure it’s a valid one.


Some rules…

Please note the following before submitting your Personal Statement:

  • Please don’t post your statement anywhere else in the comments here. It could be flagged for plagiarism. Use the form below to submit it.
  • Please make sure that the personal statement, before you submit it, meets the UCAS character and line limit. Given the limited time that I have, I will be unable to read anything longer or help cut down.
  • Please make sure that you check for spelling and grammar errors. I won’t be looking for these (although if I spot something blatantly wrong, I will tell you!)
  • I will only be able to review each statement from each person once unless there isn’t much demand. This is once again because of time restrictions.
  • I can only review personal statements that are to be submitted for UK Medical Schools. I don’t know enough about the application process of other countries to help.
  • Please note that I won’t be held responsible for any issues that may arise out of this service.